What's new in version 1.1.1

  • 05Jan
  • News: Winter Nostice

    Winter Nostice will officially end next Tuesday (Jan/12/2016)
    - Winter Merchants will be heading back home. If you still have any Evergreen Seeds, now is the time to use them!
    - The Dream Dungeon: Evergreen Treant will also be closed.
    - The Lil' Nostice Helper has collected enough gifts. He will be back next
    year for more!
  • 29Dec
  • All of dream dungeons will be no more time limited. You can challenge the dream dungeon anytime you want.
  • 08Dec

    - H.E.R.O Portable Skills -
    Summoned objects can now only be seen by the player who summoning them.

    - Crowd Control -
    It is now possible to adjust the maximum number of characters and interactive objects that appear on screen. This can be found in the display settings.

    - Updated Gear Score (GS) -
    The Gear Score has been updated to display a shorter number.
    Additionally, the Gear Score is now also displayed in the Dungeons menu to indicate the minimum required GS.

    - Switch Target Icon -
    When attacking a target, this icon appears to make it easier to switch targets between nearby enemies.

    - Character Attribute Info -
    Tapping on a character’s attribute will bring up detailed information related to that attribute.

    - Resetting Skill Points -
    It is now possible to reset your skill points using the Stone of Rebirth.

    - Divine Essence Drops -
    You can now get Divine Essence from drops in Dream dungeons, in addition to being able to get it from the world bosses.

    - Coin Pouch -
    All of your tokens and currency will now be stored in a central location. The Coin Pouch can be found in the Character menu.

    - Improved Selling of Items to Merchants -
    No more pop-ups will appear when you sell items of a common or lower rarity.

    - iOS 9 Optimization and 3D Touch Support -
    3D Touch adds a shortcut for simplifying actions such as selecting a character, contacting Customer Care, and more.


    - Basic Crafting Material -
    These materials are much easier to acquire in dungeons.

    - Advanced & Excellent Armor Crafting -
    Compensated items due to Crafting system modification were sent to your mail inbox.
    Crafting any armor part will now require the previous levels of that armor as a material. There will no longer be scroll materials for crafting. This change has been made to encourage the crafting of armor at all levels.

    - Binding -
    Advanced armor is no longer bound when picked up, and you can sell it in the Auction House. However, if you do equip it, it will be bound. This makes it possible to acquire parts for crafting from the Auction House as well.


    - Monk -
    Basic Damage is now increased. Also, the damage for all inscriptions for Earthquake Punch, Mantis Slash, and Spirit Storm has been increased.

    - Blood Knight -
    Damage for all inscriptions for Dark Summoner and Demon’s Wrath has been increased.

    - Classic Dungeons -
    Ymir Valley Shrine: The difficulty of the Ice Golem and Fire Djinn has been reduced.
    Decay Mansion: The difficulty of Lisa and Krousican’s C.D.O has been reduced.


    - Fixed a bug which prevented whispering to another player if they are not your friend.
    - Useless quest items taking up space in the Bag can now be discarded. An NPC named Loyal Servant at Cobbletown Road in Coramir can take these items from you.
    - Skill cooldowns now display correctly in the shortcut bar.
    - Fixed a bug which caused Heritage Weapons to disappear.
    - Fixed some quest issues which prevented them from being completed.



    During the Winter Nostice festival in December, the following special events, items and challenges will be unlocked:
    - NEW SOLO DUNGEON: Help the Evergreen Treant by defeating the monsters hiding in various gifts. Be rewarded with Nostice badges and unique equipment!
    - SPECIAL WORLD EVENT: Work together to collect gifts from all over Haradon in order to summon the Li'l Nostice Helper!
    - SPECIAL QUESTS: Take on new regular and daily quests during the festival period and discover the true meaning of Winter Nostice!
    - DRESS UP FOR THE WINTER: Acquire unique winter-themed fashion items by using tokens gathered from the various winter events and challenges.


    Take on a new level-45 Classic Dungeon and defeat the Shaman’s illusions! Be rewarded with rare armor, as well as new materials to take your rare armor to the next level!
    The entrance to the dungeon is in Havenwood in Whitepike.

    Discover new events all over Haradon. Explore the land to uncover incidents that require your skills.

    Nick’s Shop:
    Check out some amazing new arrivals in Nick’s Shop, including his Treasure Chests which contain rare materials and equipment!